User Experience.

The success of any software product, no matter how well its architecture is and how futuristic the technology is, ultimately depends on how easy it is for the users to use. A user-centric design of a product, application or website identifies with the user emotionally. Adopting a user centric design approach helps develop an application which can integrate the customer behavior with the system and thus improve ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction As a valued web development company, Upureka’s UI/UX approach is based on in-depth research and analysis of data on end-user requirement, followed by iterative testing. This conforms to various internationally acclaimed and accepted standards. Our Usability Consulting team consists of creative designers and highly experienced UI developers with extensive experience in latest client side technologies that enable our customers to achieve the dream design and realize this goal.

user experience process

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learn about your customers

construct a point of view based on customer needs and insights


brainstorm many possible solutions

build a representation of your solutions


put your prototypes in front of users for feedback


We Always maintain the quality of our work to
keep relaiability with our clients.

Your Conversion

Getting your customers to convert is both an art and a science. It involves solving customer problems, telling your story, and establishing your credibility as the immediate solution. Fresh can help you build the layout, the graphics, and the messaging that together build an experience that leads to conversion. From understanding your users to crafting your CTAs, our UI/UX designers and strategists will help you increase conversion

your usability

What if your experience could be on bleeding edge of innovation but also be designed for high usability and efficiency? Sophisticated simplicity is the art of UX design and we’ll help you get there by bringing your personas and user stories into efficient and impactful experiences. From 6 different methods of user testing to a deep dive on analytics, we have the tools to verify that your narratives are efficient.

Your Results

Our goal in working with you is to deliver an experience that can win you awards. A Fresh experience is highly engaging and compels users to take action. Finding the soul of a product and telling a story beautifully is hard work – that’s why we’re comprehensive in our approach. That’s why we bring a team to the table to execute. That’s why innovation and consultation are ingrained in how we start projects. Your product stands alone and it’s our prerogative to help you win awards.

We Love What We Do, And You Love What You Do. When We Come Together We Combine Our Passion, Redirected Into A Winning Partnership