Upureka Is A Full-Service Digital Marketing And Web Solutions Agency Based In Tanta, Egypt. We Take Pride In What We Do, Believe In Our Work, And Are Motivated By The Success Of Our Clients. We began as a humble web design and development team, founded at 2015 and over time, we’ve since grown to become a professional digital marketing and digital design agency with a brilliant team fueled to craft and architect delightful and disruptive experiences. We love what we do, and you love what you do. When we come together we combine our passion, redirected into a winning partnership.


Our mission is to understand your business and apply our digital knowledge to transform your processes and products into viable digital implementations. We do this by caring about your goals and constantly evolving to achieve better results.


Our skills blend technology, design and marketing make us ideal consultants and partners. Whether you need a gamification to drive your audience, a web app to present complicated data simply to prospects, or a mobile app to drive a new revenue stream

We Love What We Do, And You Love What You Do. When We Come Together We Combine Our Passion, Redirected Into A Winning Partnership